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Package included:1pc x Impact Screwdriver.6pc bits Ideal for loosening or removing firmly tightened or rusted screws or bolts.Must have for motorcycle jobs or engine repair. Come with CHROME VANADIUM - bits have precision-milled tips for...

Rs. 1,662.00Rs. 1,150.00

Hand Tools

Eastman Impact Driver Set - CRV Bits, Chrome Vanadium - Bits, Chrome Plated | Heat Treated, Size:- Ph 1, Ph 2, Slot 4mm Slot 5mm*50mm Function-Impact screwdriver function is used to tighten or loosen corroded...

Rs. 1,287.00Rs. 820.00

Bit Sets

4 Pcs Of Sand Finish 5/6 Hex Bit (1. P#2, 2. Ph#3, 3. Slot 8mm, 4. Slot 10mm.) Bit Length 36mm. Introducing the Eastman Impact Driver Bit Set, 36mm (EID-5001): Unleash the Power of Precision...

Rs. 189.00Rs. 101.00
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